"I once knew a man
this man was named David
David one day came across a dragon
dragons are notorious for stealing the butter of men
David at this time happened to be constructing the pinnacle of sandwiches
you see, this encounter occurred at a peculiar epoch
David was going through a mid-life crisis
after his career starring as David Hasselhof in the popular movie "Mad max"
he found that perhaps he wasn't infact mad
his insanity became satiated in a moment of profound realization
"the jews didn't infact do 911"
This all came in a flash to David
bedazzled as he were, his guard was let down
and so his butter was purloined by the theif in the night
fluttering off, this dragon soared back to its cave athwart a lofty chateau
The dragon then proceeded to spit fire onto his mixtape
flames lick the limpid plastic, and so it was
however so, this dragon proceeded to arson steel beams
and to no avail
in the next installation: The dragon's metamorphosis into an unironic fictional character from Spongebob despite the fact that there is little and most likely no mention of dragons in the anime"
"Gas giants don't discriminate. They have gas for everyone." -ASG


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    Dragon Fire Can't Melt Steel Beams?
  • Lolwut? What is this about?
    How do you say no to someone who asks you to say no?
    - Random Question Number 289

    These Random Questions were not paid for by anybody.
  • . . . I want what he's smoking!
    "Yae, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, 'cause I broughts a Minigun"
    ~The Bible of the Church of N
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