I wanted to share two of my collections with you guys.


First is my LPS collection. These are the older generations which sell for up to 150 each on ebay because they are so rare and they aren't produced anymore. This was a childhood collection that I had to start over because I ended up losing all of mine. Eventually when the numbers are quite big I will start selling them again for some extra cash.


Second is a quite recent collection that began with DnD. My dice collection. I honestly can't pick the perfect dice because they are all so beautiful to me and I keep finding myself wanting more.

So I'm interested to see if any of you collect stuff, and if so, post it on here. :)


  • I have no collections. Unless you count books, games, music, or anything else I've acquired multiples of for functional purposes.
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  • I guess I'll link this thing here:

    I think that can be somehow considered a collection.
    Also that Dice collection remembers me I should get some, we are always sort of some kind of dice for everything we try to play at home. Plus those look really nice.
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    @EmilyCriado , sounds like a cool collection. I can't see them, though. Your pictures show broken links to me.

    As for collections, my main collections are in:
    - Ideas (all kinds, mainly arts or philosophy)
    - Beanie Babies (shared with someone)
    - Hmong embroidery (shared with someone, example here)
    - Old but not very old games (1990 at the oldest)
    - Random knowledge
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  • Beanie babies! I haven't heard about those in years. Very unique collections.
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